Welcome To Fragmented Development!

There are several different services and components comprising FragDev:

Mumble is a voice chat server. It's a great way to talk to several people at once, have a one-on-one chat, or record that episode of Hacker Public Radio that you owe to Ken Fallon.
Status.net is twitter, without all the exclusion and proprietary bits! In addition, it's federated - so users on our Status.net instance can send messages to users on other independent instances.
A social bookmarking application, SemanticScuttle is very similar to Del.icio.us — before the remake.
Tiny Tiny RSS
A very functional, lightweight RSS reader with a few extra social functions. If you like Google Reader, you should give TTRSS a try.
A smooth, simple webmail interface, Roundcube is a great web-based IMAP email client. It can be used as an interface to any IMAP server, but on FragDev it talks to Dovecot and Postfix.

What is FragDev?

Fragmented Development, abbreviated FragDev, summarizes the nature of web development. Many disparate technologies make today's web, and this variety makes development both challenging and enjoyable.

It's also where Jacob Hume, a web developer and Free Software enthusiast, puts apps and files. On the internet, he is usually found under the username Windigo.

Support Fragdev

Do you use a FragDev service, and desire to give back? Donate to a software project! We wouldn't be around without them.

Still not enough? If you really feel the need to chip in for the cost of running the server, feel free to Flattr us. All proceeds will go towards server costs and improvements.