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The web is changing all the time. Whether visitors are using a laptop, a phone, or listening to a screen reader, your website needs to work for them.

We can help!

I develop fast, beautiful websites that work for your users. If you or your business needs a new website, help with an existing website, or another of our services, please contact me!

- Jacob Hume, Web Developer

Latest Post: A week of Elementary OS

Last week, I tried to upgrade my Debian desktop to the latest Debian stable. Due to my own ineptitude at setting up my desktop in the first place, and my foolishness in telling aptitude to "ignore recommends" when dist-upgrading, I wrecked my system.

Read the full post: A week of Elementary OS

Latest Project: Getreel

An example of the Getreel UI

A service that helps users watch online videos without blowing through their bandwidth cap. Getreel allows you to schedule video downloads to occur overnight, when many satellite providers allow extra downloads.

Getreel is a web service written by Jezra in Ruby, and I contributed the web front end that uses vanilla Javascript to provide a flexible interface to the API. The interface is responsive and uses only CSS and SVG to achieve its appearance.

If you are interested, you can check out Getreel yourself!


Here at Fragmented Development, we run the following FLOSS software:

Mumble is a voice chat server. It's a great way to talk to several people at once, have a one-on-one chat, or record that episode of Hacker Public Radio that you owe to Ken Fallon.
FragDev GNUsocial Instance
GNUsocial is twitter, without all the exclusion and proprietary bits! In addition, it's federated - so users on our GNUsocial instance can send messages to users on other independent instances.
A social bookmarking application, SemanticScuttle is very similar to — before the remake.
Tiny Tiny RSS
A very functional, lightweight RSS reader with a few extra social functions. If you like Google Reader, you should give TTRSS a try.
A smooth, simple webmail interface, Roundcube is a great web-based IMAP email client. It can be used as an interface to any IMAP server, but on FragDev it talks to Dovecot and Postfix.


Our servers run a host of underlying software that allows us to host sites and applications: